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Avto Рostel - a high quality services and the best prices

Our modern mini-hotel in Yekaterinburg - a high level of service and rooms , furnished in the best European tradition.  Our hostel, is a place, where you can get beds for adequate payment, it's one of the most popular in the city of, as are high service and favorable location. Next to us has all the necessary infrastructure: metro, bus stops,a large shopping center, restaurants, ect.
Price and accommodation services
Average prices of accommodation " Auto hostel " is 390 rubles per day.  For guests are available furnished comfortable rooms, a bathroom and a shower are provided . There is cable TV , free Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connection. Thus, staying in " Avtohostele " can not be boring pastime , but it is fun and rewarding and memorable leisure.
The popularity of our mini hotel due to many factors . In fact, besides excellent location, excellent service and comfortable accommodation, (recall that our private mini-hotel - near the southern bus terminal), the prices here are really quite attractive.
We can stay as one, and with friends, even more conveniently , as your company can stay in full force in the same room . Grab a snack at the well-equipped kitchen . Here you will find all the necessary kitchen utensils and appliances (stove , refrigerator, microwave and t.) . Coffee, tea and snakey - for free!
Our establishment is located next to the metro stop Chkalovskaya , and you can arrange a fascinating tour of the most important places of the city . It is worth noting that Ekaterinburg is very popular in terms of historical sights.
Things to consider before you make your reservation
We recommend to book a room in a mini hotel in Yekaterinburg for a few days before arrival. So you protect yourself against the risk to remain profitable without housing during their stay in the city. On our site there is a form that will allow you to select the arrival and departure dates and number of persons. We always welcome!
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