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Our rules

We are pleased that you have chosen our NiceDays Hostel! In order to make your stay as positive and memorable, we ask you to follow our rules:


Hostel "Good days" is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Our administrators will meet and accommodate you at any time. And also to answer any of your questions.
Check in Hostel - 13.00, checkout time - 12.00.
When you check on the day of arrival from 7:00 to 13:00, subject to availability, we will populate you free. When you check on the day of arrival until 7:00 am, extra time will be paid at the rate of the cost of full day stay.
We ask our guests to make a payment for the entire stay in NiceDays Hostel at the time of arrival (excluding the advance payment made in advance).
Check in at the hotel is only possible if there is an identity document, passport or document substituting it (passport, military card for military, seaman's passport, birth certificate for guests under 14 years of age, etc.).
If you need records to inform us in advance.
Moving and living in hostels of children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
The price includes a place in the room fresh linens, towels, maid service, use of Wi-Fi, free tea and coffee, use of household appliances and accessories: locker, hairdryer, iron, ironing board, microwave, refrigerator, stove, cooler . It features a fully equipped kitchen and separate living room with a TV and a work area with a guest computer. As well as 3 bathrooms.
Pets are not allowed.
It is forbidden to make noise and disturb other guests in the hostel during the c 23:00 to 8:00.
Drinking alcohol and smoking in the hostel "good days" and strictly prohibited.
Eating we ask in a specially equipped kitchen, not in the rooms.
Do not store in rooms bulky things, inflammable, explosive, toxic, narcotic materials and substances, firearms, as well as perishable foods.
We ask the care of the property hostel for damage and loss, we will have to request a refund.
Are kindly requested to observe cleanliness and order in all areas NiceDays hostel.
In our hostel for your security video surveillance.
Hostel is not responsible for the safety of your belongings unattended.
Our mini hotel is not responsible for the operation of urban communications (emergency shutdown of light water). But in bathrooms installed water heater.
The hostel reserves the right to refuse without explanation.

    We will be happy to meet and host you in our small hotel! We will try to make your visit to Yekaterinburg memorable!

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